Monday, November 22, 2010

Stay tuned for the Story of Me (and Libby and Charlie too!)

I just found out there's a really cool opportunity going on to tell your adoption or other story and win $50 for the animal charity of your choice. Since my original owner's husband is now working for the Humane Society where Libby and I came from wouldn't it be so awesome if I could win? Heck, even if I don't win maybe I'll talk my humans in to donating anyway. He has such sad stories to tell, like the two pups they were fostering this past weekend that had to be put down because they had Parvo. It makes my humans drip water from their eyes when they talk about all that kind of stuff. Anyway, I'll be posting our stories later this week, but you can click on the pictures over to the right and go read all about it. There's also a thing where we make a list of the pressies we're wanting to give our humans and tell why. Gotta think on that for a bit. Be back later!



  1. We would love to hear your story - that is wonderful of your original owner's husband to do - so many sad stories about pups in need of homes.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. We can't WAIT to hear your story!!! And when my mom and cuz volunteered at the local SPCA she had so many sad stories to tell.
    Stay sweet,


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