Thursday, October 28, 2010

Visiting Angel Tucker on his Birthday

Our two-legged momma and daddy thought we should have a little ceremony at Angel Tucker's grave on his birthday October 26th. Momma took the camera outside and tried to get pictures of all three of us paying our respects. Well as you can see if you zoom in on the last picture, Charlie and I were more concerned about our tennis balls, but we did each with him Happy Birthday in our own way. Oh, the yellow flowers are over our Angel Charmin's grave. If you're new to my blog you won't know this, but she went over the Rainbow Bridge on July 7, 2009.

The first one to visit was Libby. She was more curious about what Momma was doing than anything else.
 Then Charlie came by for a visit. He's kinda mad at Tucker for leaving him the only boy in the house.
 Then I came by, but I'm so fast that Momma only got me as I was leaving the scene.
 Now click on the picture below to see what Charlie and I were REALLY interesting in doing!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sadness over the loss of my brother Tucker

My famous big (but littler than me) brother Tucker crossed over that Rainbow Bridge this morning and is now running and wagging his tail, probably drinking all the water under the bridge. He's with my big angel sister Charmin and they're having a blast. Why do I feel so sad then? Probably because my humans have wet faces and they're dragging their feet. My humomma is making my hudaddy a special Charlie Brown fleece pillow that he can squeeze when he wants to remember Tucker. He'll be very tired after digging that whole in the ground next to Angel Charmin. I wish Libby and I could help him dig, but they taught us very well and we don't dig... well I don't anyway. Libby digs trying to find the mice under the deck and she gets in trouble. Maybe Daddy will let her help him. Momma is going to create a very special memorial celebration slide show this weekend and will post it on Tucker's blog after her eyes are dry enough to see again. It hurts me to watch her so sad and I follow her around and touch her hand with my nose. She seems to like that.