Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

How's everyone doing? Do you have snow where you live? We don't have any yet, but it's trying to come down now. My Daddy watches the weather channel on tv and I heard that some places got really socked in with lots and lots of snow. I hope everyone stays warm and that you have a good time for Christmas!

Here's what me and Libby like to do to relax. Notice our Daddy with that silly remote control in his hands. We don't care about watching tv! If you zoom in you can see how well my owie is healing up. After having to go back last Saturday to get restitched cuz I chewed half of them off, I have to keep this silly cone thing on my head ALL the time. I like how it keeps me warm outside, but it's not any real fun to wear and makes it impossible to see around corners!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My temporary lick-proof outfit

Just when I thought I'd gained freedom from that silly fleece and flannel cone on my head, out comes an even sillier outfit put together with a t-shirt, much too large for my svelt body, a necktie (belongs around the NECK, not my belly!) and finally after my arms kept getting stuck in the sleeves, a plastic grocery bag.

 I personally think my rear end looks rather sexy in the top picture, so maybe the tie had a good effect after all, but those sleeves just weren't made for me!
My wound is almost healed now, but the metal stitches won't come out until Monday. That means I have to put up with the cone for another three days. Well at least now it's clean and has a nice fresh scent of those dryer sheets. Not such a bad thing except that I still keep bumping in to things. Oh well, on a more positive note, when my humans forget to take it off before I go outside I've got the warmest head of all three of us dogs! How's your winter going? Eat any ornaments yet? None of us do that sort of thing anymore, but the crazy cat downstairs keeps eating the fake tree and throwing it up all over the floor. Sheesh, doesn't he know a fake tree when he sees one?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to get out of a teeth cleaning!

Hey everyone, wanna know how to get out of a trip to the vet for a teeth cleaning? Well have I got a deal for you! See my appointment was scheduled for next Friday and I just hate getting my teeth cleaned so I thought I'd just show those humans who was boss. I'm keeping the source of my disaster a secret so I can't tell you what happened - tee hee hee! Anyway, take a look at the pictures and you'll see what I did. Now the problem is it kinda backfired on me cuz I had to go to the doc anyway and even had to get put under. That's why I didn't want to get my teeth cleaned cuz I don't like the whoozy feeling afterwards. Warning, not for the faint at heart! Oh and if you laugh at me wearing Tucker's soft cone that my human momma made I'l come hunt you down and make YOU wear it!!!

What are YOU looking at????? So I'm feeling really relaxed now, so what! Oh, the vet said it was not a bite, so I can't blame it on Libby or Charlie like I was going to do. Rats!