Thursday, December 16, 2010

My temporary lick-proof outfit

Just when I thought I'd gained freedom from that silly fleece and flannel cone on my head, out comes an even sillier outfit put together with a t-shirt, much too large for my svelt body, a necktie (belongs around the NECK, not my belly!) and finally after my arms kept getting stuck in the sleeves, a plastic grocery bag.

 I personally think my rear end looks rather sexy in the top picture, so maybe the tie had a good effect after all, but those sleeves just weren't made for me!
My wound is almost healed now, but the metal stitches won't come out until Monday. That means I have to put up with the cone for another three days. Well at least now it's clean and has a nice fresh scent of those dryer sheets. Not such a bad thing except that I still keep bumping in to things. Oh well, on a more positive note, when my humans forget to take it off before I go outside I've got the warmest head of all three of us dogs! How's your winter going? Eat any ornaments yet? None of us do that sort of thing anymore, but the crazy cat downstairs keeps eating the fake tree and throwing it up all over the floor. Sheesh, doesn't he know a fake tree when he sees one?


  1. Woo look like such a fashion diva!


  2. Katie,
    I think you look very fetching in your outfit!

  3. cool out-fit but its better with naturalfibers..i think.

  4. How are you feeling now? I hope you are doing much better. I just stopped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!

    Emma Rose


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