Saturday, May 29, 2010

I got my first award!

I got my very first ever bog award!!! Thank you so much Sugar The Golden Retriever for bestowing this honor upon me! Now for the details....

Rules for accepting this award...
(1) Thank the blogger who gave you this award. 
Once again, Thanks to my new bloggie friend Sugar for this award. (It's uncanny how much Libby looks like you! We've decided that she's part Golden Retriever after seeing your pretty face!)
(2) I have to Share 7 Things About ME.

  1. I love that I was rescued by this animal-loving family.
  2. I love that I have a new sister, Libby.
  3. I love watching the squirrels eat their corn.
  4. I love, love, LOVE running after the tennis ball and bringing it within ten feet of my humans.
  5. I love catching the frisbee, especially when I can fly through the air!
  6. I love sitting on my humomma's lap pretending to be a little dog.
  7. I love reading other dogs' blogs!

Now Rule (3) is to pass this award to 15 bloggies.
I must say that I agree with Sugar, this is the hardest part. 

Relaxing at our house

Libby is fitting in really good around here, wouldn't you agree? Notice that SHE is the one on the couch and I am the one on the floor! Used to be MEEEEEE on the couch with my hudaddy. We got in a little tiff the other day while humans were at work, but I'm not telling what we were doing. Hudaddy thinks that we both got on the bed (a no-no for us shedders!) and played kind of king (or queen for us) of the hill (bed). I hurt my leg, probably from falling or jumping off the bed wrong. Most likely our little kitty brother JC was on the bed where he always sleeps during the day and Libby was stalking him as usual. Oh well, I only left a few bite marks on Libby's face and ear... kind of paid her back for what she did to Charlie.

Anyway.... Libby follows hudaddy all around and seems to be very calm and happy. She loves running along the fence with our neighbor's little Schnauzer and she's doing a little barking when she sees people or animals outside the fence. Guess she knows she's home now. I have to admit that it's really kinda nice having a sister again!

This is my first blog hop. Won't you come along too?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I smell a rat!!!

Today I showed my humans what I was good for. Not that they don't love me just because I'm marvelous, soft, sweet, housetrained, etc.; but now they know that I can also earn my keep! They didn't have the camera out until after I found the varmit, but my humomma wondered why I was hanging out by the shed for so long, then she saw Katie join me in what appeared to be a hunt for something. When humomma got out to the shed I was halfway under this wood pile and wouldn't come out. It was a lot taller at the time, this is after they removed a bunch of the timbers. Humomma said it's all going in the burn pile next burn day!

After they removed about half the wood and I just kept getting closer and closer to that varmit it finally went scurrying out and I caught it, shook it really hard and snapped it's neck! Warning: not for the squeemish!

Hudaddy didn't know what to do with it and humomma had to grab me and Katie by the collars and drag us in to the house, then hudaddy put it in a plastic bag and got rid of it. This was no field mouse mind you, it was a gigantic RAT!!!

When I came back out I hunted and hunted and hunted for it, but just couldn't find it.

Ok, this is where I left it, where'd it go?
Hey, did it run away? I know I killed it!
Hmmm, I smell rat blood, yeah, THIS is where I left it!
Oh well, I've done my work for the day!

Libby's new tag

Look what my humomma made me yesterday! She calls it shrinky dink or something like that. Their real phone number is on it but she edited the picture cuz she didn't want all my boyfriends calling me... snicker..tee hee! She said this way if I accidentally get out of the fence and somebody finds me they'll be able to call for a rescue. I like it here and have no intention of leaving, so they really don't need to worry about that. Last night my human's daugher (does that make her my sister???) and her husband brought their newly adopted dog over and I had soooooo much fun with her. She's really tiny, some kind of wirey straight hair with a really huge underbite and boy can she ever run fast! I think she must be a miniature greyhound or something, but they don't have that kinda hair. Phew did she ever wear me out! Oh here's a picture of her from their blog:

Isn't Sugar the sweetest looking little thing? Since we're rescued from the same place that kinda makes us sisters too!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oops, I kinda destroyed the screen door!

So this morning and early afternoon while my humans were away from home they accidentally left the back door to the garage open and well, then it thundered and if you remember right I HATE THUNDER!!! In fact I have severe anxiety attacks during thunderstorms and well.... here's what happened:
I gnawed my way through the screen and pushed through the lattice, jumped through in to the garage, then when I discovered that I couldn't get out through the closed garage door I tried to get back inside, scratching the outside of the door in the process. Boy were my humans ever surprised when they got home and I came running out of the garage when they opened that big rolling door from their car! My humomma told hudaddy that he'd better not ever leave that door open again!

Okay, on to Libby's damage, only this time it was to our brother Charlie's ear:
I hear that they were fighting over the water bowl which I find very odd since we have two huge water bowls! They're getting along fine now. My humans say that Libby is the ALPHA dog and that I used to be except that I'd rather play ball or frisbee than be the protector of the house and other animals. Libby isn't interested in playing. Good thing for her because if SHE tried to take MY tennis ball I'd be VERY mad at her!