Monday, September 20, 2010

Libby and I on an outing at Paws at the Park

On Saturday Libby and I got to go play and prance around at Paws at the Park, an annual fundraiser for the shelter where we were both rescued by our humans. It's a really special day for us because we get to see so many other four-leggeds and show off our spunk. Our humans thought that I, Katie, needed to be exercised (really they said, "worn out") before going to the party, so I got to go play in the Dog Park while Libby went on the walk with our daddy. Here's some video of me playing catch with a nice little boy who has a really strong throwing arm, unlike my weak momma who can't throw a ball more than about ten feet.

Here we are with our nice bandannas on riding in the car, so excited to get there.

and me in the Dog Park with that nice boy playing catch

I thought this guy was gonna take my ball, so I ran really fast!
then the boy thought it was time for a drink

but I just wanted the ball!

then we went to the party and met up with daddy and Libby (oh that's my two-legged sister's legs and feet. Doesn't she look great after losing almost 60 pounds?!?! WOOF!!!)

and finally, the two princesses in the carriage with our momma and daddy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Awesome rescue dog on Britain's Got Talent - even Simon loved it!

A great act!
 This dog is a rescued dog and is so talented!  
 Look at the face of this dog as she looks at her partner.