Monday, April 26, 2010

Surprise package!

Before I show you my surprise I thought you'd like to see how well Libby and I are getting along. See how nicely we sit together?

and how sweetly we sniff each other... or maybe that was a little lick..

We even sit nicely at the back door waiting to come inside.

Now.... look what came in the mail today from Addie, Lucie and Hailey!

They even sent an autographed picture that I'll put in my scrapbook!

Of course my new sis Libby just HAD to see what it was after it came out of the package.

At first I thought I'd just lay down and lick it since momma put treats inside.

Then I threw it at momma!

But she kept throwing it out in the yard so I'd carry it back.

and back again. Can you tell what it is? A STACHE!
Thanks so much to my new friends for doing this great give-away and for their generosity giving food to families to feed their pets!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Libby gets a bath, a new collar and eats

That's Libby trying to hide under the pillow after her first bath while our Humomma tries to blow dry her.

Here's the new collar our Humomma made for Libby. Doesn't she look good wearing it? Hmm, wonder when she'll make ME a new one since mine is getting all ratty looking???

Libby likes to eat while laying down, just like me!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another bottom feeder

Well not really a BOTTOM feeder, but a lying down feeder. Maybe it's a Border Collie thing?

All my brothers and sisters - even one I never knew

My humomma made a card for one of our vets who retired and put this picture on the front of all us furries. I never knew the pretty calico kitty on the upper left, but she was my humans' very first pet together. My humomma's sister even had a dream about her because the other sister's cat had kittens and she dreamt one was calico and my humans would take it home. The black cat is Sampson who adopted them by just showing up in the driveway and not leaving. He started out as Delilah until when the vet went to fix her she called and said "she" was a "he", so they renamed him. Funny, but true! He got sick and left home last year. The other kitty on the top right is Echo, she still lives with us and is really close to Tucker, in fact came from the same pet store. The funny yellow and white kitty peering out of the basket it JC. He's a miniature kitty and doesn't play with us doggies at all. Below him is Libby before she left the Humane Society. Next is my big brother Charlie. He's really short and stocky and loves everybody, but he likes to bark at people and animals walking past our house and makes our hudaddy tell him to stop barking. Then there's me in my pretty red bandana. The big fluffy face is the oldes of our clan, Tucker the Wire Fox Terrier. Above him in that silly purple scarf is Roger. He just lays around with his motor running. In the middle of course is Angel Charmin. We all miss her and know she is watching over us all. Our vet said she thinks that Libby is a reincarnation of Charmin (I think she misses her too!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ice Cream!!!!! (oh and Libby too)

They didn't take MEEEEEeeee out for ice cream when I first got adopted, but then again I had kennel cough and was dripping girl stuff out my back side and had to wear panties, so I guess it was okay that we took Libby for treats. Well especially since Charlie, Tucker and I all got some too! There's a Sheridan's right across the street from our vet and they give away free doggy cones. Yumm-oh!

Almost love at first sight

Introducing... TA DAAAA..... LIBBY!!!

Isn't she the cutest thing in the whole wide world??? As you can probably tell from my whale eyes and tilted head stance I am not the happiest camper in the world to have another girl in the house, but my humans tell me we'll adjust. Libby is about my size, well at least the size I should be and will be if my humans keep limiting my food intake like they have been. (Charlie has lost 3 pounds already, but I gained...go figure!) Anyway, Libby is very sweet and gentle and likes to follow our cats around the house, so I think she'll fit in just fine.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm getting a new sister!!!!

Guess what? I'm getting a new sister!!! My hudaddy took some newspapers up to the place I came from, well that's the excuse he gave momma anyway. While he was there he just fell in love with this pretty gal. She's part Border Collie and part who-knows-what and she reminds him of Charmin, my dearly departed big sis who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 7, 2009. Anyway, this gal is going to the vet tomorrow to find out if she needs to get fixed, have surgery if necessary, then will come home with us. Now I do have one thing to complain about though... because of her we all have to go get shots just in case she's carrying kennel cough with her. Oh well, it'll all be worth it to have another girl in the house. They say she's 8 years old. I hope she likes to run and play!