Monday, December 21, 2009

See me helping Tucker

So today my humans brought home a camera with video and Humomma just HAD to play around with it, so here's a video of me helping Tucker.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Video of me

My humomma hasn't figured out how to put a video on my blog yet, so here's a link to her blog showing me and my two brothers being really excited when humomma came home. She used a really old cell phone to take the video, so you can't see much, but you can sure hear me talkin!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Secrets about Tucker

I see some of you are interested in hearing some of Tucker's secrets. Well since he's half blind and doesn't do much reading, here's one for starters.... he LOVES the taste of AIR!!!! Heee heee heeeeee! Our Humom keeps saying she's gonna capture this on video, but he's always standing around licking the air, so I guess that means it tastes good. I've tried it and am not at all impressed. I prefer solid food with yummy bacon or peanut butter flavor (or both combined!) There'll be more secrets in the future, maybe even a picture or video soon. Thanks for stopping by!

Wags and kisses,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Greetings from Katie the Rescued Border Collie!

Hi, my name's Katie and I'm a rescued Border Collie who is very happy to be growing up in a household of other furry friends. I'll introduce you to them all later, but for now I just want to point at my header and make sure you see my dearly departed big sister Charmin. No silly, NOT the squirrel in the tree, he's just plain entertaining, but the white and red collie mix laying on my warm hinee. She has her own blog at and so does my big brother Tucker who was recently told he had a mast cell tumor and less than a hear to live. He's so fiesty though I bet he'll show THEM who's boss!

Anyway, back to ME... I don't know where I came from or even how old I really am, but what I do know is that my human sis saw me at a mall when the local dog shelter had a bunch of us out there. It was love at first sight and the rest is history! That was about four years ago and they said I was about 2 or 3 years old already. My human sis couldn't take me with her when she moved to an apartment after college, so I stayed behind with the rest of the gang. Of course now she has two other dogs and two cats and is married and all that stuff, oh and she has a big fenced in back yard, BUT my human mom and dad are happy to keep me here, especially now that my big sis Charmin strutted over that Rainbow Bridge in July.

I live to work and for me that means TENNIS BALLS and FRISBEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My humom and dad are well trained and know that after work and on weekends it is their job to throw the ball or toss the frisbee. My husis even bought my humom a special launcher for my balls cuz she can't throw very far.

My other life passion is herding all the rest of the furry housemates and keeping them in line. Humom just taught me how to "bring Tucker" to her. He looks so much like a little lamb that I guess my herding instinct just kicked in and I was a natural. That should come in handy soon because he's already nearly deaf and is blind in one eye. I can imagine that soon they'll hook us together so he doesn't get lost when we go outside at night!

Well, better go ahead and post this now cuz  I like watching Flash Forward with my humom. She needs her lap warmed up and I'm really good at that.

Tail wags and kisses,