Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oops, I kinda destroyed the screen door!

So this morning and early afternoon while my humans were away from home they accidentally left the back door to the garage open and well, then it thundered and if you remember right I HATE THUNDER!!! In fact I have severe anxiety attacks during thunderstorms and well.... here's what happened:
I gnawed my way through the screen and pushed through the lattice, jumped through in to the garage, then when I discovered that I couldn't get out through the closed garage door I tried to get back inside, scratching the outside of the door in the process. Boy were my humans ever surprised when they got home and I came running out of the garage when they opened that big rolling door from their car! My humomma told hudaddy that he'd better not ever leave that door open again!

Okay, on to Libby's damage, only this time it was to our brother Charlie's ear:
I hear that they were fighting over the water bowl which I find very odd since we have two huge water bowls! They're getting along fine now. My humans say that Libby is the ALPHA dog and that I used to be except that I'd rather play ball or frisbee than be the protector of the house and other animals. Libby isn't interested in playing. Good thing for her because if SHE tried to take MY tennis ball I'd be VERY mad at her!


  1. Oh Katie, I just know your humans will soon forgive your mischief because you were so scared!
    Now Libby on the other paw....


  2. Dakota and Phantom once charged the front door screen when there was a kitty cat out in the street. The pushed the screen out of the frame and totally bent the frame - the pawrents were not too happy. After that they put a gate across the screen door when the big door was open. They were forgiven as we are sure you will be too, Katie. Now Libby, better shape up - you do want to stay now, don't you?:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Ahhhhh -

    Sorry about the storms...

    As for Libby and Charlie, two of my SibeStas had a skhwabble ovFUR water rights a few months ago - of khourse, they also have two bowls to choose from - but fur some reason THAT day...


  4. I totally understand, Katie! We had thunder boomers this morning and I HATE thunder boomers like you do!
    We hope Charlie's ear heals quickly!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Ouch, we hope Charlie's ear soon heals.

    Being scared of thunder is horrible, our humans doggie that they had before us was very scared of it too. It is not nice being that scared. :(

    Have a good week, with hopefully no more nasty thunder! :)

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