Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MY Futon! (not Libby's, not Tucker's and not Charlie's!)

Don't ya just love lying around on your back airing out your tummy? This is the life of Riley... err Katie and it's MY spot forever! Tucker used to sleep on here, but now he doesn't jump anymore, so I told him I'd keep it warm for him so when he can jump again it'll be ready. Sometimes Libby gets up here, but she prefers the wooden floor. Well today my humans were busy getting ready for something called a garage sale. You should SEE all that stuff out there in the garage! They let me and Libby come out and look around, but I wasn't very impressed cuz there weren't any tennis balls and nothing to eat, so I just laid down until it started thundering. Oh! here's what our back yard looked like after the rain!
Pretty cool, huh? Well at least I thought so, but they wouldn't let me go run around and splash in the water. To be honest, I was hiding in the basement because it was thundering during the rain and I know where it's safe during a storm when all those weather radios keep making noise!


  1. Woo look SO FURRY KHOMFY!

    As fur the yard, no dukhks or fish?


  2. Phantom feels the same way about his loveseat - it used to be Dakota's favorite spot until she couldn't jump up any more too.

    Isn't this rain just ridiculous? We have had a mini-river running through where all the backyards meet outside our fence. We hope it dries up soon.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. You look SO comfy up there Miss Katie! That pic reminded my mom so much of Emily, her black & white Aussie.
    I hope you get a good price for your garage!


  4. hihihi looks like a little lazy bordercollie to me wooffff!!!

  5. We sure wish we had our own futon, Katie! You look so comfy! We're not allowed on the furniture - how unfAire!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. ps. Momma says if my hair doesn't stop falling out in clumps she's gonna ban me from the furniture too... and the rugs and the floors and.... hmmm, what else is there??? Guess I'll have to hunker down and let her brush me... ouch!

  7. Girl and Buddy both love to lie on their futon in that same position. LOL

    Your back yard looks something like mine when it rains. DH and I call it Lake Novell. (our last name) LOL

    Tesla, Buddy and Girl

  8. We've had thunderstorms every afternoon this week. Fortunately Ellie and Lucy are unaffected by them. All that water and no playing in it? What a shame.

  9. Wow! I get scared when I hear the rain noise, but I like to be near my Mom and Dad. :)

  10. They are selling your garage! Oh, no.

    Hey, we all love sleeping upside down, too. It does feel good on the belly.


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