Sunday, May 8, 2011

Herding my buddy Harley the Wire Fox Terrier

You fellow herders know that it's just in our blood to HAVE to work, right? Well when my humans brought another Wire Fox Terrier home in February I wasn't too sure about him, but now we're good buddies because he lets me herd him around. He makes lots of racket and keeps trying to get away, but I've even figured out how to grab that red thing around his neck and put him where he needs to be! Oh my humans said to please ignore the messy bedroom, but remind you that they share that room with four of us furries.


  1. Bitey games are so much fun!

    SO, woo two are happy to have each other ;-) ?


  2. Poor little Harley. What a good disposition he has!! If Katie did that to Hootie he would go ninja on her! He is always hoping to become the Alpha dog here, but all I,BabyRocketDog,have to do is put my heavy paw on his back and I'm the winner. bol.


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