Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Momma's Making Pet Cards!

She said she was gonna do it and she's finally getting it done! Yup, she's making pet cards, like "Happy Barkday" and "Sorry for the loss of your friend". She put them in her Etsy shop Eco Chique Boutique and would love it if you'd give them some lovin and spread the word. Eventually she's going to put my mug on some and also Angels Charmin and Tucker, maybe even Libby and Charlie and oh yeah, the cats too. When she does I'll tell you all about those too, but for now here's one of her latest. Oh she got the pictures off the back of an old calendar that was going to be thrown in the trash! One of the cleaning guys at work is rescuing them, hey that's just like me, Libby and Charlie... we were all rescued too!!!

Handmade Loss of Dog Sympathy Pet Card - Eco Friendly


  1. How wonderful that your mom has an Etsy shop! I didn't know that until now! They are absolutely charming and creative! My mother (human mom, that is) makes cards like these but hers are not for sale; she just does them as a hobby. She also doesn't make very many with pets on them so I will head over to your store asap!
    Would you like me to write about them in a featured blog post? I'd be happy to but if you do please e-mail pictures that you are okay with me featuring b/c some people don't allow "picture grabbing" w/o permission.
    My email address is misskitty32504(AT)yahoo(DOT)com.

  2. Lovely card and great work in the shop.

  3. Those are VERY awesome!!!

    We'll keep them in mind going furward!



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